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Currently Available:

– Paddle out from hotel over crystal clear water and explore nearby shoals and reefs and visit secluded beaches; paddle to the mangroves of the US Fish and Wildlife Nature Reserve’s Bird Sanctuary; visit the famous Dakity shoal and anchorage.  Want a guided tour?  Ask for a kayak tour guide!  

Stand up Paddle- Stand on a Huge Surfboard and paddle away around the entire Ensenada Honda bay or snorkel in Dakity Key.

Sunfish Sailboat – Sail the Ensenada Honda bay to Dakity or secluded beaches near Sea Breeze hotel.  Sea Breeze has the best location to enjoy small boat sailing - no waves, steady winds.  Hourly 

Snorkeling – Snorkel right out of hotel grounds to nearby sea turtle grass prairies, reefs and mangroves. Beginning to advanced level areas. Combine with kayak or sailboat rentals. Rental $10/day


Day-Trips - Let us coordinate a captained Sail or power boat day-trip or tour for your party. Pristine beaches, crystal clear water snorkeling, hiking, visit the oldest lighthouse in the Caribbean. 

Destinations: Culebrita, Luis Peña, Marine Reserve, secluded beaches, snorkeling spots.

Sail Charters - Charter a 35’-40’sailboat with a USCG-licensed Captain to take you to Vieques for the day or overnight.

Night BioTour -  Let us take you to the secrets of Culebra waters where you can find the Bio luminescent bay where the water glows when you pass by in Kayak or dinghy.  COMING SOON!!! Call for prices and schedules.

Scheduling Telephone: 787-644-5255
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