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Things to know about the Island of Culebra and the locals.

The Island of Culebra is located aproximately 17 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico.  It is an island where the people live a slower life, where nature is part of everyone and the priority is living a life without stress while enjoying the beauty of nature.

In this island you will find great cuisine from fresh seafood, homemade pizza, even great mexican food.  But, the island only offer about 10 organized sitdown restaurants and most of them close before 10:00pm.  So plan your day knowing you should head out to dinner by 8:00pm or earlier.  Also, in high season, we strongly recomend making a reservation.  There are many wooden kiosk that offer great fritters for a good price during the day.  Late night try the school bus by the airport or the Kiosk close by.  It is the only place open after 10:00pm for food.

Our Flamenco Beach is recognized several times in the Travel Channel as one of the 5 top beaches in the world for its perfect sand, length and clean water.  To keep this the way it is, nature is a priority in the island.  Therefore, modern construction and development is very behind from a normal city.  This provides low pressure water, sometimes water shortage and electrical services may be affected couple of ours in any given day.  

Most of the local arquitecture is tropical colors and wooden houses. Even most of the lodgings are made out of wood or have wooden roofs.  

The locals are full of party energy, you can expect locals partying any day of the week around town in the local bars.  There are great stories hidden within the locals of Culebra.  Almost everybody has a story of how they got to live in the island and even the ones who were born in the island have better stories. We encourage our guests to get to know the locals and there way of living.  In this island, concrete houses, cement streets and structures is a recent upgrade to the living style.  Or to some nature enthusiasts, it is even considered a downgrade.

In summary, Dine early, have fun, enjoy nature and do not expect metropolitan city style service anywhere or city living, this is an island where stress does not exist.

Things to know about Seabreeze Hotel

Seabreeze hotel recently opened in May 2012.  Seabreeze Hotel operates within a Condo complex called Costa Bonita Beach Resort.

This condominium is a 164 unit Condo-hotel property.  This means that you may buy a second home here and use only as your second home or have the option of renting your Suite through the Seabreeze hotel program.  The hotel currently operates only 25% of the entire complex. Therefore expect many units to look available, even when the hotel is completely full.

Seabreeze hotel offers many services for those guests and owner participating in our hotel rental program. 

Seabreeze hotel offers:
13 hour front desk service 9:00am to 10:00pm
Restaurant onsite Breakfast, lunch, early dinner before 5:00pm
Sailing tours
Swimup bar at the pool
Convinience store
Every other day housekeeping service standard.
Pool towels

Seabreeze hotel is a green oriented hotel.  We sponsor the island of Culebra by replacing all lightbulbs with low electriciy consumption, all new air conditionings are being converted to Inverters technology, lowered our housekeeping service to a bidailty concept and try to save as much energy as possible by orienting our guests to save energy when they are not in there rooms.

The water and electricity shortage is an ongoing problem of the virgin island of Culebra, to compensate for our guests, we have a Generator on our main club house and also a Water cistern that is used when there is a water shortage in the island.

We apologize for limiting our housekeeping every other day, meaning we provide housekeeping every other day  of your stay.  But if for any reason, you need extra housekeeping, towel replacement or any extra service, please pass by our front desk and let them know you request this service.  We will gladly take care of it.  We know our guests are glad to help save water and energy, the island of Culebra appreciates your cooperation.
Also, all our rooms are equipped with TV and antennas providing 4 to 6 local channels. We encourage our guests to avoid the TV and enjoy the getaway island of Culebra, beaches, pool and tours.  But if you greatly insist on watching TV, please let reservations know before arrival we have a few rooms equipped with satellite cable TV to accommodate you.

Huricane Season, no problem. Seabreeze is the only lodging that provides window shutters, cement walls, cement roofs, water cistern for at least 48 hours and Generator on the main clubhouse for restaurants, store, bars and front desk.  

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